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MILCK, Atlantic Recording Artist

Personalized Guidance

Improve Your Craft

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Are You Stuck?

  • Do you feel like you have the ability to write great songs within you but no idea how to access it?
  • Do your songs have good lyrical and melodic ideas but feel a little aimless?
  • Do people like some of your songs but not others and you have no idea why?
  • Are you starving for detailed feedback on your songs and how to take them to the finish line?
  • Do you need guidance in the songwriting process and a more effective way to showcase your talents as a songwriter?

Who Does It Work For?


Find clarity in your songwriting and artistry.


Stop shooting in the dark and start writing songs that people care about.


Give your tracks maximum impact through lyrics and melodies that people can't forget.

The Songwriter's Compass

In this 7-Day Email Course:

Learn the big picture of what a song should be, what it takes to find your voice, and daily habits that will pave your road to success.

“After working with Suzan my songwriting improved so much that I started to see real things happening in the music business for me. If you want to be a competitive songwriter you need to take her workshop."

Writer/Artist, Pop
Los Angeles, CA
Signed to Green & Bloom Publishing (BMG)
Write Better Songs

Dig deeper into your lyrics, melodies, and song structure, to make your songs tight and compelling.

Write More Songs

Tap into your creative well to finish more songs than ever before.

Tell Your Story

Know exactly what you want to say and how you're going to say it.

The Secret to Becoming a Great Songwriter

Everyone thinks to get on the radio you need to sound just like the radio. They’re wrong.

I’ve worked in the music industry for over 30 years as a publisher and songwriting mentor. I know the way to the top is by standing out. The thing is, it’s hard to find your voice on your own.

It’s much easier with a guide.

There’s nothing I find more rewarding then helping songwriters say what they need to say. I love listening to their songs, understanding what they are trying to accomplish as writers, and then showing them how to get there. There is no one-size-fits-all approach because everyone is different. I tailor my approach to you.

Ultimately, I am in this business because I love songs, and I don’t want to hear the copycat songs. I want to hear your stories and the songs that only you can write.

"If you're looking for feedback on your songs in a friendly, yet straight forward tell-it-like it is mode, that will show you where the bar is for songs on the radio, and help you to identify the spots where improvements can be made on your songs, then this is the class for you."

Lyricist, Country
Vancouver, BC
June 2019 American Songwriter Lyric Contest Winner

"Through working with Suzan, I have discovered a clear voice in my songwriting and my artistry (which has also translated into my everyday life.) I think she has an amazing gift with her ability to make the song with best it can be while still maintaining the integrity and uniqueness of the song and the artist.

Suzan will take you to the next level in songwriting. Be prepared for complete honesty due to the fact that she cares about what you have to say and about songwriting. The most valuable thing you could do for your songwriting is to see how Suzan breaks down a song."

Sophie Levine

Singer-Songwriter, Indie Pop

Los Angeles, CA

"Suzan has an insight to songs and lyrics that runs deeper than the vast experience she has to offer. She has the ears of a fan, an artist, a publisher, all wrapped into one, and the rarest gift of all is that she is able to verbally articulate the REASON for her pleasure and or dissatisfaction with a song.

Suzan is for people who want to improve, on any level. And I mean any level. I don’t care if you’ve got #1 records or if you are just starting. If you exist and you write songs, Suzan can help you get better- period."

Duddy Brown

Writer/Producer, Alt Pop

Los Angeles, CA

What's My Investment?



  • Individual attention on 2-4 songs
  • Schedule on your own time
  • Can also be used for Music Business consultation


  • Limited to 6 songwriters per session
  • Meet potential collaborators
  • Learn how to critique a song by listening to other people's songs each week

How It Works

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